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About the Endowment

The Lake County Library Endowment Fund is a separately operating 501(c)3 that manages an investment portfolio to provide a continual source of financial support for the library beyond what can be accomplished with the tax base alone. The fund was created through the gifts of generous donors in Lake County and beyond. Endowment funds are intended to be a perpetual source of support, meaning the principal in the fund is protected and generally only the income off the fund is spent to enhance library services. 
The Lake County Library Endowment Fund’s board members manage and grow this fund by pursuing individual donations and investing them. In the past the Library Endowment Fund has purchased shelves, library books, and computers for the library. Most recently, the Endowment Fund has provided support to the new Main Library by purchasing the lot for the property and readying the lot for construction, installing the required temporary sidewalk for the winter, and helping substantially with shelving and other furnishings for the new Main Library.
Current Endowment Fund Board members are 

  • Jerald Steward, President
  • Ann Crumrine, Treasurer
  • Robie McGowen, Secretary
  • Darrel Denbrook, Board Liaison
  • Sally Fitzgerald
  • Amy Hutchinson
  • Al Monaco
  • John Shine
  • Trevor Stancliff

If you'd like to talk with someone about making a gift or leaving a bequest, you may call the Main Library at 541-947-6019 for board member's contact information. You can also mail a gift to:
     Lake County Library Endowment Fund
     PO Box 44
     Lakeview, OR 97630