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Catch the bus to Playa Presents - now from Paisley, too!, 5/9/2017

May 20, 2017

Playa and Lake County Library District are offering Lakeview and Paisley residents a free ride on the bus to Playa Presents on Saturday, May 20, 2017, for studio tours, readings, and refreshments. You must call the Main Library at 541-947-6019 to reserve your seat!

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The next Playa Presents will be held from 3:00 to 4:00 pm on Saturday, May 17, 2107. At 4:30 PM there will be a lively, interactive discussion on the power of place in the arts, "Earth Bound," led by Margot Voorhies Thompson.  The public is welcome to attend this free event at Playa’s facility on Summer Lake located at 47531 Hwy 31, between mileposts 81 and 82.
Featured residents include Ellen McMahon, Emily Silver, Anita Feng, Kathryn Maxwell, Mary Murphy, Laurel Anderson, Emily Wortman-Wunder, Margot Voorhies Thompson, and George Thompson. You can find out more about residents as they arrive on Playa's website at
Seating on the free bus is limited. Call the Main Library in Lakeview at 541-947-6019 to reserve your seat today. The bus will begin loading at the Main Library in Lakeview at 1:45 pm for a 1:55 pm departure. Paisley riders will be picked up at the Paisley Branch Library at 2:40 PM. Anticipated return to Paisley is about 5:45 PM and to Lakeview is about 6:30 pm.
For more information about riding the bus, please contact Library Director Amy Hutchinson at 541-947-6019 or For more information about Playa Presents, please contact Playa staff at 541-943-3983 or