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Early Learning (Ages 0-5)

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Research has shown that engaging your child frequently in the five early literacy practices above from birth will help her or him develop the skills they need to be ready to read in kindergarten. Fortunately, these skills are easy!


Talking with children is one of the best ways to help them learn language. Talk with your child from birth in your native language. 


Songs are a natural way for developing children to to learn about language. Songs break words into smaller parts that are easier to learn and understand.


Reading together teaches children to associate books and reading with pleasure and comfort as well as developing their knowledge about books.


Helping develop your young child's motor skills through finger-plays, scribbling, and such gets him or her ready to write.


Playing helps children learn to think symbolically, that your hand can represent horses or kittens or a banana or anything else. Symbolic thinking is an important skill for learning the symbols (words) that make up language.