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New Babies to be Showered with Literacy, 9/11/2018

Newborns and their families are invited to attend a baby shower in Lakeview, Paisley, or Christmas Valley this fall. Lake County Libraries will be hosting babies one year old or younger and their parents or caregivers in Paisley on October 5th, in Lakeview on October 6th, and in Christmas Valley on October 13th. 
Our Lake County communities love to celebrate the arrival of our newest residents.  Participants will receive a bag of baby supplies, some snacks, raffle for prizes from local businesses, and of course books.  Because 90% of brain development happens by the age of six, library staff will also share ways parents can help their child starts school ready to learn to read.​

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​If you have a child who was born in the fall of 2017 or later, or if you know of a family who has a child that age, please contact David Lev, Youth Library Assistant with a mailing address.  Lake County Libraries will include them on the invitation list.
All showers will be held at community’s library branch. Showers are free to participants, and we hope to see all of the new parents at them! Questions about the showers or addresses of new parents can be directed to David Lev, 541-947-6974 or