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Next bus to PLAYA Presents 2/24/18, 2/15/2018

The next free ride to creativity cruises Saturday, December 9, 2017. PLAYA Presents is on the winter schedule and will begin at 3:00 PM. Please note the following bus pick up times:

  • Lakeview - 1:55 PM departure. Call 541-947-6019 to reserve your seat.
  • Paisley - 2:40 PM departure. Call 541-9477-6019 to reserve your seat.
  • Christmas Valley - 2:15 PM departure. Call 541-943-3983 to reserve your seat. 
  • Summer Lake - 2:45 PM departure. Call 541-943-3983 to reserve your seat.


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This month's free public event includes visual artists Lauris Phillips, Christina Mrozik, Sarah Grew, Rick Fox, and Barbara Hudin and writers Courtney Carlson, Donald Levering, and Laurie Easter. Meet the residents, explore open studios, hear readings, and attend a celebratory reception. 
PLAYA offers creative individuals the space, solitude and the community to reflect and to engage their work through its residency program in Summer Lake. PLAYA supports innovative thinking through work in the arts, literature, natural sciences and other fields of creative inquiry and encourages dialogue between disciplines to bring positive change to the environment and the world. For more information visit ​