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Team Harney-Lake Wins Million Page Challenge!, 4/5/18

(Lakeview, Ore)— The Million Page Challenge ended March 17th, 2018, with Team Harney & Lake Counties declared the bragging rights winners, having read 608,692 pages. Pendleton Public Library readers came in second with 338,662 pages. Hood River County Library readers turned in 70,012 pages.
Almost 100 readers across Lake County participated in the challenge this year. Congratulations are in order for Lake County’s top ten readers:

  • David Lev 15,267 pages
  • Miyuki McMullen 14,718 pages
  • Victor Mulkey 10,905 pages
  • Carol Chapman 10,588 pages
  • Jane Dooley 8,287 pages
  • Patty Barnhart 7,682 pages
  • Sandra Klingbiel 7,295 pages
  • Mary White 7,266 pages
  • Rick Roberts 6,278 pages
  • Margot Dodds 5,817pages.

All top 10 winners will receive a custom typewriter key bookmark.
The contest began on February 5th and ended March 17th. Only pages read from library-owned materials counted. The next Million Page Challenge will be held in 2020. Questions about the contest may be directed to Amy Hutchinson, Lake County Library Director, at 541-947-6019.