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Soon But Not Yet for No Masks, 5/14/2021

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LAKEVIEW, Ore.--May 21, 2021—This week Oregon Health Authority issued updated guidelines allowing fully-vaccinated individuals to be in most public spaces without a mask when they show proof of vaccine status. Also this week, Oregon OSHA issued a statement allowing employers to comply with this new OHA guidance. Your library staff are hard at work to update procedures and signage for our libraries. Expect changes at your library some time early next week, and thank you again for your patience! 

LAKEVIEW, Ore.—May 14, 2021—Lake County Libraries will remain open to the public at Level 2: Advanced Precautions, including requiring visitors to wear masks, until more detailed guidance from Oregon OSHA are available regarding exemptions for the fully-vaccinated. Oregon Health Authority guidance was updated in large part on May 18, 2021. If you cannot wear a mask or face covering due to a disability or health condition, contact your local library to find out what accommodations are available for you. For those who prefer not to come inside, Take Out is still available for checking items out as well as printing or copies.
“Both Oregon Health Authority’s existing COVID-19 documents and OR-OSHA’s Temporary COVID-19 Rule place specific and detailed requirements on operators of public spaces and employers in response to the pandemic public health emergency,” said Library Director Amy Hutchinson.  “Until those documents or rules have been modified or repealed, we don’t know how to move forward with implementing exceptions for the fully-vaccinated. We ask for your continued patience as updates are made at the state level,” said Hutchinson.
Lake County Library District was able to end the disinfection and quarantine of returned library items. Based on advice from Oregon Health Authority through the Oregon State Library, surface transfer has not been a significant source of COVID-19 transmission and these extra steps are now considered unnecessary. Previously, all items returned to the library and any holds that arrived from other libraries were disinfected and put in quarantine for 72 hours before being available to the next patron. Library patrons should see returned items reshelved more quickly as well as faster service on interlibrary loans.
The library staff and board would like to thank everyone for their continued patience and goodwill as we begin the transition back towards more normal library service. If you have questions or comments about these changes, please contact Library Director Amy Hutchinson at 541-947-6019 or via email at 
5/19/2021: This post was updated to change the photo and to reflect that OHA has updated guidelines. 
5/21/2021: This post was updated to change the photo and reflect that OR-OSHA has issued a statement allowing employers to follow the OHA guidance.